Brad's Rates:
•  $90 one hour
•  $125 1 ½ hours

Call me to schedule a massage at
(530) 559-1664 or email me at:

Meet Brad

Treated thousands with Massages since 1989

Brad has been a resident of Nevada City since 1988, has had a massage practice here since 1989 and has been a massage instructor since 1998. Through the evolution of his practice combined with his training at The Lomi Institute in Sonoma County he has developed a technique called Dynamic Deep Tissue which he has taught at The Phillips School of Massage in Nevada City and teaches at The Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, California as a core instructor.

He works successfully with several issues including chronic pain, sciatica, TMJ, repetitive strain injuries, frozen shoulder, back pain and more. He offers a professional and unique approach and is driven to see results. Many of Brad’s clients use his work as preventative care as well as injury treatment.


“I have received massages from Brad 2 to 4 times every month for 7 years! Because Brad teaches massage, I am very confident that he knows how to properly address various aches and pains that I have. With his extensive knowledge, I know that my critical tissues, joints and muscles will not be injured. Even though I consider these massages preventative to avoid future health problems, I especially enjoy the very deep tissue massages.”
Joan U. – Nevada City

“In my opinion Brad is the best Massage Therapist out there. He works deeply and deliberately and at the same time is attentive and compassionate. I think this combined with his experience working with thousands of bodies is what makes his massages so effective and what makes him stand out among other body workers.”
Alice W. – Nevada City, CA